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PV Projects Are Going on and People Tend to Accept PV More

PV industry without subsidy is suffering from pain and going through changes. PV industry is actively seeking for ways of survival. In recent three months, PV power generation hasn’t stopped and hardworking PV insiders are continuously reducing cost of PV system, to get to the goal of grid parity as soon as possible.

To people’s surprise, PV power generation is in exploration and the way of survival has been gradually groped. Excellent commercial projects could realize grid parity and residential PV projects return to market. More and more citizens just tend to accept PV power generation more. They want to make use of power generated by renewables and thus they install PV systems.

From being confident in subsidy to being confident in PV industry

When there is subsidy, attraction of PV is very huge. But people just care too much about national subsidy and they just consider promotion of PV as tools for earning money and financing by mistake, while ignore the property of power generated by PV projects as a kind of clean and renewable energy. Since the new policy, we begin to view PV industry from perspectives and slowly accept the property of power generated by PV projects as a kind of consumer good. 

Having deeply understood the property of PV power used for home appliances, people’s thinking pattern just begin to change. From believing in the revenue brought by subsidy, we turn to believe that PV will bring change in our life. At the beginning, promotions of PV industry relies on subsidy and now people just are attracted by PV projects based on its attraction. People are just earnest in recognizing PV industry by then, like PV insiders now who are still working in PV industry really love it.