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OEM Manufacturer 300W Off Grid Solar Power Inverter for Air Conditioner DC 24V to AC 220V

  • AT-300
  • 200*118*62mm
  • 50/60HZ
  • THD<3%
  • –10℃ +40℃
1. Pure sine wave output waveform, strong load ability, wide application;
2. High transform efficiency, fast start, small no load current;
3. Soft start function; reduce load’s starting risk;
4. Perfect protection, with low voltage, over voltage, over load, over temperature, short circuit, Input reverse connection protections and etc.;
5. Intelligent temperature control fan, when loads over 30%, it will start. Saving energy, safe and high efficiency;
6. Imported electronic Components; built-in fuse, Safe and reliable;
7. Can customzie DC input voltage 36V, AC output voltage 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 230V and kinds of socket types
Model 300-12-110 300-24-110 300-48-110 300-12-220 300-24-220 300-48-220
Output Power 300W 300W 300W 300W 300W 300W
Peak Power 600W(<5ms)
Input Voltage 12V 24V 48V 12V 24V 48V
Output Voltage 110VAC±10% 220VAC±5%
No-load Current <0.34A(DC13V) <0.32A(DC26V) <0.2A(DC52V) <0.34A(DC13V) <0.32A(DC26V) <0.2A(DC52V)
AC Output Frequency 50HZ±1%/60HZ±1%
AC Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Waveform Distortion THD<3%
Efficiency >86%(DC13V) >88%(DC26V) >90%(DC52V) >86%(DC13V) >88%(DC26V) >90%(DC52V)
DC Input Voltage Range 11V~15V 22V~30V 44V~60V 11V~15V 22V~30V 44V~60V
Low Voltage Alarm 10.5±0.3V 21±0.6V 41.8±1.2V 10.5±0.3V 21±0.6V 41.8±1.2V
Low Voltage Protection 9.5±0.2V 19±0.3V 38±0.4V 9.5±0.2V 19±0.3V 38±0.4V
Over Voltage Protection 16±0.5V 31±1V 65±2V 16±0.5V 31±1V 65±2V
Low Voltage Recovery 11.8±0.3V 23.6±0.4V 47.2±0.8V 11.8±0.3V 23.6±0.4V 47.2±0.8V
Over Voltage Recovery 15.7±0.3V 31.8±0.4V 63±1V 15.7±0.3V 31.8±0.4V 63±1V
Over Load Protection 125%~130%
Protective Function Low voltage: LED red light, Buzzer alarm, automatic recovery
Over voltage: LED red light, automatic recovery
Over load: LED red light, automatic shut down, need restart
Over temperature: LED red light, Buzzer alarm, automatic recovery
Short circuit (within 2s): automatic recovery
Input reverse connection: fuse burn-out
Working Temp. –10℃ +40℃
Storage Temp. –30℃+70℃
Humidity 20%~90%RH Non-condensing
Working altitude ≦3000m
Machine Size 200*118*62mm
Net Weight 1.3±0.1KG
Packing Size 310*160*140mm
Gross Weight 1.68±0.1KG