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Solar Inverter With Charge Controller And Mppt

AT (PWM)Solar Charge Controller ( 50A(96V&192A) &100A(96V))
◆  LCD display PV charge, battery and DC loading condition.
◇ Protection against over charge, over discharge, over load and anti-thunder.
◆ PWM charging mode, DC mode save cost.

Product Parameters
AT  Parameter
Rated charging current 50A 100A
Rated system voltage 96V/192V 96V
PV input voltage range 96V System:120V-176V;192V System:240V-352V
Max PV Input Voltage(At 25℃) 96V System:200V;192V System:400V
Number of PV array input routes 1
PV Array Maximum Power 5.6KW/11.2KW 11.2KW
Battery type Lead acid battery, deep cycle battery, gel battery etc(Battery type base on user charge specification)
Floating voltage 13.8V/Single battery
Charge voltage 14.2V/Single battery
Charging protection voltage 15V/Single battery
Temperature compensation coefficient -3mV /  / 2V (25℃  is base line )(Optional)
Charging mode PWM pulse width control
Charging method Three stages :constant current; constant voltage; floating charge
Efficiency >95%
Display LCD
Cooling method Cooling fan in intelligent control
Type of mechanical protection IP20
Operating temperature -20℃~+60℃
Storage  temperature -20℃~+70℃
Elevation <5000m,(Less solar panel when exceed 2000m)
Humidity 5~95%(No condense)
Protect the circuit RS232/RS485(Optional)
Machine size (L*W*Hmm) 340*300*140
Package size (L*W*Hmm) 400*350*190
N.W (Kg) 5 6
G.W (Kg) 6 7
Note: All specifications are subject to charge without prior notice